A Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight


The long awaited Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight!

Nobody knows when the multi million pacquiao vs mayweather fight is going to happen. Everyone is waiting for the showdown. There is many stories about why the pacquiao vs mayweather fight has not been announced. I have heard some people say that pretty boy floyd does not want to fight without pacman, without pacman submitting to a blood test before the fight.  Other people say that pretty boy floyd is just trying to dodge the pacquiao vs mayweather  fight in order to retain his unbeaten record.

Setting aside all comments on the Pacquiao vs Mayweather bout…

Lets compare the two boxers in recent years and how would the pacquiao vs mayweather fight would look. First pretty boy floyd has fought oscar de la hoya in 2007 winning by a split decision; later that year Ricky Hatton, knocking him out in the tenth round. He retired that year and came back from retirement in 2009 to fight Juan Manuel Marquez in an amazing performance which he won by a unanimous decision. This fight created a lot of doubts about the pacquiao vs mayweather fight, because Floyd dominated the 12 rounds on Juan Manuel Marquez and Marquez had been such a tough opponent on Pacman. In 2010 floyd won a unanimous decision on Shane Mosley after being punched hard in the second round.

Then 2011 came and the controversy arrived to Pretty boy Floyd’s corner. His last fight against young Victor Ortiz was one that many are questioning to this day.  In round 4 Ortiz was trying to hit mayweather in  the ropes and ortiz incidentally headbutted mayweather.  After the referee deducted a point from Ortiz, the fighters went to touch gloves. When it look like Ortiz was trying to touch gloves with Mayweather, and while ortiz had his hands down,Mayweather punched ortiz twice to knock him down. Controversy was created and the boxing world was surprised.

Understanding that this will not happen in the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight…

Manny Pacquiao has done his job in his side of the corner. He has beaten every opponent in the welter division since 2008. Starting with Oscar de la Hoya by practically not letting him lower his hands; then knocking down ricky the hitman hatton in the second round, then winning by tko in the 12 round a fight with miguel cotto. 2010 came and he took down Joshua Clottey and beating down one of the most resistant fighters by a unanimous decision Antonio Margarito. Pacman seemed invincible and ready for the pacquiao vs mayweather fight, but 2011 brought doubts on many of his fans and the boxing world. A fight was scheduled with Juan Manuel Marquez to complete their epic trilogy. The fight was 12 rounds of what has been called the best fight of 2011. Marquez came ready to counter every time that pacman would come with his flurry of punches. But pacman was busier and stole the judges scorecard to a questionable decision that changed the perspective on many of the pacquiao fans and the boxing world.

If we compare the two fighters and we think of a pacquiao vs mayweather fight we can look at many differences. Both of the fighters are getting past his prime. Soon they would have to schedule a pacquiao vs mayweather fight because they would soon have no fighters left to fight. They both have different styles that could make a real good fight. Same as Juan Manuel Marquez vs pacquiao fight, a pacquiao vs mayweather fight would bring us an attacking fighter vs a counter puncher defensive fighter.

Pacquiao age 33 and mayweather age 34 will soon be thinking about their retirement. The boxing world is waiting for the pacquiao vs mayweather fight and the people want to see it. this means that their promoters should come to an agreement and make the fight happen in the year 2012. We also have many young fighters coming up and i know would like to have a taste on one of these two boxers. Pacquiao vs Mayweather will be an interesting and spectacular event that will at last set all doubts to the side and show who the true best pound per pound fighter is.

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Is the House Alarm System Worth It?


Before the house alarm system instalation…

I spent a few months installing house alarm system for a small company.  The first installation was a process that i will never forget.The first time I installed a house alarm system it took me more than 5 hours. All because i did not know what i was doing.  When you arrive to the clients house you first have to introduce yourself as the alarm technician. After you are done speaking to the client the contract signing process starts for the house alarm system. This is one of the toughest processes. The house alarm system contract signing process, begins by the costumer reading the contract. After the client reads through five long pages, of small letters, this is when you know if the client really wants to buy the house alarm system.

The client needs to know what the house alarm system does. Whenever the house alarm system activates, a signal is sent to a central control station. The control station calls the client. If the client does not respond, then the central will call the first person that the client puts in the contract; which is a 3 person list; and if none answer the central will call the nearest police station and the police will respond. If the client picks up the phone when the central first calls, the client will have a specific password that the client will have to repeat to the operator if the house alarm system activates. If the client fails to give the correct password then the central station will take action and call the nearest police station. This is the kind of security the client will get. It depends on what the client is looking for and what kind of equipment the client is looking for on a house alarm system. The equipment goes from contact sensors (which are door sensors), motion detectors, shock sensors for windows and sensors for the exterior.

Sometimes the clients are forced to buy the house alarm system by irresponsible hard sellers making the process tougher.

You can inspect the clients reaction, on how they react, their expressions,  if they are really sure about the monthly payments, that they will get into and what are they really buying. Some clients do not understand how these alarm companies work and how they sell the house alarm system. They will tell the client how their security is more important than anything, and they will talk you into buying the monthly subscriptions. They need this because they live out of this, and the sellers receive a big commission for every house alarm system sale.

The truth is that it is a matter of how you feel about the house alarm system.

If the client is going to feel safer at night with a house alarm system in their home, then they should consider buying one and actually checking the prices from different companies; having in mind that you are just checking prices, and not just buying the first pitch the first company throws at you. This means that you can get the most out of a company; if you negotiate with the salesmen; they will make the impossible by trying to make succeed with the sell.

This goes up and down the whole company. This means that if the client decides at the last minute; he does not want the house alarm system; nobody gets paid. I have had many costumers at the last minute who have cancelled the installation just because they do not feel it is the right thing for them. Which means that in the first place the salesman was just bullying the customer, by trying to sell a house alarm system that the client does not want to buy.

Personal Experience with a house alarm system installation:

One time i went to a client property to do a service on a external sensor. The client was talking to me, and letting me know  how good the house alarm system had been working for him and what a great investment he had done. This was a good perspective of the house alarm system. I tried to compare this with another client that called me to my cellphone, a couple of days after the installation, complaining about the house alarm system, that was giving him many problems  and that he needed me to go to his house to uninstall the house alarm system. This was a problem because the sale had to be returned and my work was done for free.

Some clients would ask me; as a technician; what do i think about the house alarm system. I had no choice but to tell them, i thought that it was a good investment; because that was my paycheck; but in all reality, my thought was, that it depends on the client and what are his needs. I strongly suggest to research different companies and check the best one available.

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The army basic training is one of the most life changing experience that a civilian can have.

The process is long and tough. When the civilian arrives to the army basic training, he will first be assigned a new set of clothes (which involves pt uniform), and will get briefed in what is about to be his life for the next 9 weeks in the army basic training.

The change from civilian to soldier requires work, dedication and personal courage that a civilian will be taught in army basic training.

The first week starts off by getting used to the military lifestyle. The future soldier learn the soldiers creed, the army song, and some cadences (marching songs), while marching to every place. The important part of the reception week; before army basic training starts; is to get all the paperwork, and medical examinations done for the future soldier. After a week in reception, and getting to know the kind Drill Sargents…

The real fun begins at the real army basic training!

The future soldier will be assigned to a platoon, in order of the last name. The Drill Sargeants will take over, and let you know that the real army basic training just started. if the future soldier is not accustomed to fast paced action, screaming and yelling he will be up for a rude awakening “i was surprised by how they started yelling and making us run to every place, picking up our luggage and having us carry other peoples equipment” . The Drill Sargeants will yell their lungs out, and will make the platoon work a fast paced atmosphere. Once the future soldier gets to his designated area, he will be briefed on who his new Drill Sargeants will be, and provide some basic information brought from the reception area to the real army basic training.

Red phase will begin at army basic training. The drill sargeants will focus on teaching you drilling ceremony, marching correctly, eating fast, building teamwork, getting to know who your chain of command is, and take the civilian mindset out of the future soldier. The  future soldier will be challenged at army basic training with obstacle courses,  rappelling out of a 50 foot tower, a teamwork building course, and the future soldier will learn the basics of a combat life saver. In this phase at the army basic training the drill sargeants will be paying attention at everything and will enforce attention to detail. The future soldier will receive his rifle in this phase; that he will carry during the 9 weeks in the army basic training

White phase will change the dynamic of army basic training in a way. A PG or platoon guide, from the platoon will be assigned to march the platoon. Still the drill sargeants will be paying close attention to the every activity the platoon will be involved. In this phase the soldier will have to phase the gas chamber. “this was the worst experience that i had in my life. I did not know what this was before entering army basic training but when i entered that gas chamber, and breathed that c.s. gas, i thought i was not going to see the light again. You will feel like you have no air and that you cannot breathe”. You can check some videos on youtube on this subject and i do not tell you so you get scared just so you can prepare mentally for what is going to happen.


The last phase is called blue phase. In this phase the soldiers will be able to go to the chow hall without supervision and will receive their berets in the right to passage. In this phase the future our platoon was already used to the routine. the drill sargeants gave us a little more freedom and less supervision. Still it was  tough but i felt stronger and more mature. After all those smokings and after all the yelling and hard times the hard work paid off. I remembered all those times at the “front leaning rest” and low crawling through the mud”. Another activity that the future soldier will learn in the army basic training will be combatives training. The future soldier will learn the basics of “modern army combatives”  in army basic training and will become familiar with some of the techniques of self defense. Later on in the soldiers career, if the soldier wants to get certified in combatives, the United States Army offers programs and courses for certification. The drill sargeants in army basic training will teach the basics of the program.

All thought army basic training the future soldier will  have to attend three field training exercises or FTX, do three ruck marches; depends on where he attends; it will vary the distance, qualify with the m-16 or m-4 rifle, and he will have to face different situations involving teamwork and personal courage. Army basic training will turn the civilian into a soldier.

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Review on Fifa 2012 Soccer Video Game


Fifa 2012 Soccer Video game, back on track, stronger than ever. this years edition, comes packed with astonishing new features, and amazing graphics to make what once was a great game, become even better.

The game Fifa 2012 soccer video game, fixes some tweaks that the older game had. The greatest change of this years game is the tactical defense feature. EA sports changed completely the dynamic of the defensive game. The 2011 version and all preceding versions before fifa 2012 soccer video game had the a defensive system that did not necessarily needed timing, or involved any realness. The only real talent that was needed was to pres the x button; if you use Playstation; or the A button; if you use Xbox; keep it pressed; and the defender would automatically would take the ball from the man in offense. Now, in the fifa 2012 soccer video game version every tackle must be timed perfectly, to steal or intercept the ball form the opposing team. The button that was used, to steal the ball or press the opponent; before fifa 2012 soccer video game; was a; if you use Xbox; and x; if you use Playstation; now the button will just make the defender mark the man with the ball. The defender will not go for the steal in fifa 2012 soccer video game. The b button; if you use Xbox, or the o button; if you use Playstation, will make the defender put a foot in and attempt the steal. Timing and positioning is key in fifa 2012 soccer video game, because if the defender misses the tackle, it will leave the man in offense open to get through or to get a shot opportunity. Users that play fifa 2012 soccer video game with experience in the older fifa soccer video game versions will have to take some time to adapt to the new style of defending.

Fifa 2012 Soccer Video Game Also Includes…

precision dribbling, which most players have their on unique style of dribbling and handling the ball. This make harder to steal the ball from the offensive player making the moves and the joystick dribbling easier for the user. Another feature of the fifa 2012 soccer video game is the player impact engine witch makes the impact and fighting for the ball much more realistic. Defenders with a high defensive rating will have an advantage over the weaker ball handlers allowing them to win the ball back for their team in well fought tackles.

I found it interesting that in Fifa 2012 soccer Video Game…

EA sports incorporated the realistic injury system. This means that when a player gets injured in fifa 2012 soccer video game; the game will automatically stop by the team throwing the ball out of bounds and giving the injured player care. This was brilliant and real time football. Fifa 2012 soccer video game shows how well crafted and how well studied the game has been.

Whenever the ball goes out of bounds in fifa 2012 soccer video game the closest player will automatically look for the ball quickly to spend less time in the clock. EA has to improve in this area a little more, making the clock run down and keep going. Overall Fifa 2012 Soccer Video Game offers a true football playing experience and amazing graphics that will leave users wanting to play more and more. We all know that EA sports is going to keep bringing Fifa 2012 Soccer Video Game users one of the best sports game ever played.

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Top 10 Movies of 2011


This year, brought us the movies of 2011, that made us laugh out loud, cry, get aggravated, and make us really think about how lucky we are just to be alive another day. After spending countless hours of watching movies this year, the search was narrowed down to some of the most impacting and fun to watch movies of 2011.

This is the must have list of movies of 2011

Starting at number 10 of the movies of 2011:

Water for elephants

This is the love story about a young veterinary student (Robert Pattinson) who losses everything, and stumbles across a circus train, who takes him in a journey he never imagined. There he meets the love of his life (Reese Witherspoon) who is the star attraction of the circus, and is also married to the circus owner (Christoph Waltz). The movie has adventure, drama and action. It takes the tenth place in the movies of 2011.

9.The Devils Double

This movie depicts the double Uday Hussein; Latif Yahia (Dominic Cooper). It takes you on a twisting and disturbing story about the crimes commited by the prince Uday Hussein (also Dominic Cooper), and how his double finds a way to escape and live to tell the story. Based on a true story. It takes the ninth place in the movies of 2011.

8.Lincoln Lawyer

A movie about a small time lawyer, Mickey Haller (Matthew McConaughey); who has always defended criminal, lands in  a big time case which makes him change his mind. The movie involves crime, thrill and drama to make it an interesting ride. It takes the eight place in the movies of 2011.

7.Source Code

Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhall); a helicopter pilot from the United States Army gets trapped in a futuristic government experiment involving quantum physics and time travel, to avoid a future catastrophe. Science fiction thriller, that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. It takes the seventh place in the movies of 2011.


Living in the woods, apart from society, Hanna Heller (Saoirse Ronan), is curious to see how life is in the world. What she does not know, is the reason why she has been kept in isolation, by her father Erik Heller (Eric Bana). Soon she will have to face her destiny, and do what she has been trained to do all her young life. It takes the sixth place in the movies of 2011. The movie almost made it to the top five of the movies of 2011

And now the top five movies of 2011:

5.Adjustment Bureau

Have we ever wondered, why certain things happen, in certain places at certain times? David Norris (Matt Damon) a upcoming United States senate candidate finds that everything that is happening to him is controlled by a group of people, and that he is not responsible for what is happening to him. He must choose to fight for his right to freedom. It takes the fifth place in the movies of 2011.

4.Hangover 2

Oh! what a headache! I don’t remember what i did last night. Where am I? Where is my friend at? Not again!? These are the thoughts that come to mind when you get hammered drunk. But can you imagine if that happens to you in Thailand.  Phil Wenneck (Bradley Cooper), Stu Price(Ed Helms), and Alan Garner (Zack Galifianakis) find themselves lost in Thailand once again without remembering what happened the night before. It takes the tenth fourth in the movies of 2011.


If someone told you that you have a 50/50 chance of living what would you do. What would you change in your life that you think is really important. Adam Learner (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) got diagnosed cancer at the age of 27. When he researches he realizes that he has a 50/50 percent chance to live. The movie; which almost made it to number one on the best movies of 2011 is about his fight against cancer, and how disease, affects a person psychologically. It takes the third place in the movies of 2011.


To rob a place, or to do some dirty work you need somebody to get you out of trouble. Someone who can drive you away from trouble or from the cops. The stuntman or the driver (Ryan Gosling) is the kind of man for this work. He is a quiet and mysterious person who will soon unravel what he is capable of. This movie is the closest getaway you will experience without having to rob a bank. It takes the second place in the movies of 2011.

And Number one on our list of movies of 2011:


There is a saying that we use only 10 percent of our brains. What if we found a way to use a 100 percent of it. Edward Morra (Bradley Cooper) stumbled into the drug that makes you use the unlocked potential of the brain. But everything comes with a price. What happens when your brain cannot function without the drug? See for yourself, in this movie; which i thought was the best in the movies of 2011; that not everything in life is free. It takes the first place in the movies of 2011.

Here you have it The top 10 movies of 2011 year. We hope we get the same caliber of movies this upcoming year as the movies of 2011.

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